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Caps, Toppers, Tonneaus whatever you call em we've got em

When you make a major investment in your truck you gotta protect it, and why your at it why not make it extremely useful. Leer's lineup of caps and covers can give you not only the look, but the functionally that you never knew you needed. Whether you are just trying to keep things dry, or are looking to enhance your trucks effectiveness by adding a full blow work cap, you've found your guys. We love working on trucks, work trucks and any other vehicle that we can bolt a cap or cover on! We have a complete selection of LEER fully customizable truck caps to fit all your needs. We've got a full sized 100XQ right in the showroom so stop by today and take a look for yourself!


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“RollNLock,         “Extang     “Bedrug,     “Leer

Commercial Packages

Van Shelving, Racking, and Ladder Racks

We’re your local source for van upfitting products and installations to help you convert your cargo van into a work van. Our professional staff will help you configure a van around your needs using high-quality products from brands like Weatherguard that are tough, lightweight and quiet. With a variety of options made from steel and/or aluminum, we can will build you the ideal mobile outfit solution, regardless of your budget.

Visit or call us TODAY so that we can get your van to work.


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